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Hey gracious donor

Thank you for taking the step to go Green by letting go of your stuff for reuse. 

It is our mission to reduce the material footprint by promoting Reuse.  Here's how the event works 

Step 1 : Collect your stuff that your don't use. The items accepted for the event are 

  • Kids Apparel: Washed and ironed 

  • Books : Kids fiction, Kids non-fiction, Story books, Comics. Text books are not accepted for the event, but you can make use of our Eco textbook campaign to share them. Click here to know more about it.  

  • Toys : Games/Puzzles (complete set only), soft toys (Washed and cleaned), Cars, dolls, balls

      Please note all toys should be in working condition​

  • Stationary: Crayons, Color pencils, pencils, Sketch pens(working condition),  

Step 2 : Place all the items together click a picture

Step 3: Sign up and tell us little bit about your items  and upload the picture. This will really help us plan/catalog and send you updates 

Step 4 : Place all items in a Carton box/Cloth or paper bag. Drop off at the collection location.

Note : Print the receipt after you submit and place it in the box/bag. 

Collection Point 

Click here for list of collection points  

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Disclaimer : Due to current crisis and time crunching situation, Sumrux is not in a position to verify the products required for Covid-19 treatment purposes and is not responsible and/or liable in any manner for any issues with the products and/or result of use of the said products.

We are trying to help the patients as best as possible in these challenging times. We trust the owners listing the products to have the same intent. Please sanitize and verify the products before pickup /use and after it is returned.

By placing the request you agree that you are solely responsible for the transaction and any result thereof.

Some Items we have been receiving for donations