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Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle in many ways and as we recover from it, we are now getting used to the new normal of doing most of the things from home. Online classes for senior grades have already started in most schools. Most of you parents may have seen them struggle staring at the computer screens most of the day to study. There  is not much we can do the only text books available are online.
Junior kiddos are still enjoying the extended vacation and we parents want them to get back to studies too. 


This is where our campaign "Back to studies" comes in. This is a Free service provided by us. It is our contribution to society for Covid-19 recovery.

Now you can study at home and not miss out on learning.

Get a head start and enjoy reading the books, the real physical books

This service is the true green solution.


Because, recycling is not always the Eco friendly option .

Here is a video by Domtar a paper manufacturing and recycling company. 

How it works

As we recover from Covid-19, we as community can help overselves where ever we can and let the government work on more pressing recovery plans. 


Here's how the "Back to studies" works. 

Looking for Book 

Your child is moving to the next grade and you will need the text book(s) for the grade. 

Let us know details of these books .  We have a questionnaire which you can fill as a form or chat with us.  Verify your contact details are filled in correctly. Your details are safe with us. We will share them only with the relevant people. 
You can now sit back and relax. We will find the closest source for your requirement and contact you. 

Have book looking for student

You now have books of previous grade that you no longer useful for you, but there is someone like you who could use them.  You can help them . Just fill up the form or chat with us and tell us about your books. We will find the students who are looking for these books.  Yes, you can choose to sell them if you wish or you could donate.

Once we find the requirement match for the books you have, we will  notify you and share  contact details with each other.  We may find more than one match for you.. You have the freedom to choose whom you wish to  give  the deal . Connect as per your convenience to finalize the price and pickup. 

Our part ends once the books have been picked up and we will stop searching for your books . 


We need one more action from you, As a courtesy, let us know that we can stop looking for your books .   A small message "found books" or "books picked" with grade, phone number will do. This will really, really, help us serve you better.  

Now your requirement(s) are met and order is closed !!

We would love to hear from you please share your feedback. Pat on the back will motivate us to continue serving you better.

If we have  disappointed you, truly sorry about that, We can improve, but we need to know what went wrong. 

 Request/Sell/Buy/Exchange/Donate books 


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