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Passion Led Us Here

Our vision 

Every home is part of a community that shares, ensuring nothing goes waste. Supporting each other, Earning, Saving - money & nature’s resources for our future generations

When we were growing up, we had a zero wastage lifestyle. Things were reused, donated or recycled. We borrowed things we need from neighbors and relatives. As a community we thrived. 


Sumrux is bringing the community living concept through technology solution. We buy things which we need for immediate use but not every day. It could be a wedding saree or dress. It could be party wear, accessories, household and sports goods. Use them till you want and then loan it on rent. You can save on space and earn from your investment on the item. Biggest of all, you get to participate in conservation activities


The benefits of this are multifold. Both the buyer and the owner save money and reduce the need for manufacturing and selling new items and hence this will reduce wastage. This will also reduce the need for mining. 


Waste Management is the biggest challenge the world is facing today. We need to solve this with earnestness at the earliest. Recycling in many different ways including reuse and repurpose is the biggest lever to reduce waste.


All the earnings from our channel will be utilized towards conservation activities after taking out operating expenses.

Sumrux originates from sanskrit word "Samraksathi" meaning  "Conservation"

This is what we are working on, and  we aspire to achieve this with your support. Let's work together on the path towards conservation 

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