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How to Add my product/item  for sharing?

You can add your item or items using this page . However, you need to be signed in to add the item . Only members can add and request for items. Here's a video tutorial to add your items. If you are still unable to add. Contact us 

Is there any fee for signing up?

Signing up is absolutely free we don't ask for any credit card information.  Infact you get bonus points on signing up

What is point system?

The site works on points system , so the transactions are easier for you especially while swapping. There is  a service fee which is collected in terms of points when you request for an item. This point is a small percentage 1-5% of the transaction. If the transaction does not go through the points will be refunded

Where can I see my points.

Members can keep track of the points in the "My Points" page in the profile section 

Will there be any charges for adding an item?

Adding items are absolutely free, you can add any number there is no limit. The service fee (in terms of points) is applicable only after you approve a request

What to do if am short of points , how can I get points?

If you are short of points to request an item, you can purchase points from Sumrux. 1 point = 1 Rs . To purchase just Paytm the amount  the number in "Call Us " with a note "Sumrux - <member name>" 

Can I get a refund of points?  

We would be so sorry to see you leave. But, we respect your decision . Yes, you can get a refund of the points you purchased or the points transferred to you 

Can I cancel a deal?  

Yes you can cancel a request before the owner accepts it. Once the owner accepts a request  , you will not be able to cancel the request Only the Owner can cancel the request.

There will be no cancellation charge deducted if you cancel the request before Owner accepts. However if you cancel after the owner accepts,  there is a small charge of  upto 1% . .

Protective Face Mask

Covid Related 

What are the covid care items that can be shared ?

Following is the list of items that can be shared. Weather they are new or used, they have to be sanitized before use. We are checking and building the list here are few

1. Oximeter

2. Unused masks , in sealed package

3. Oxygen regulator valve

4. Thermometer gun

5. Pain relievers (not medicines)

6. Steam inhalers

What are the covid care items that Cannot be shared ?

Following is the list of items that cannot be shared.

1. Used oral thermometers

2. Used nebulizers

3. Used masks

4. Valves with any defect

5. Oxygen cylinders that are damaged

6. Medicines

What are the precautions to be followed .

Please be advised as per Government orders in your area and follow them. Pick up items only if necessary. Here are precautions to be followed if you are giving an item or picking up - Covid Precautions 

Can medicines be shared ?

Medicines can be taken only after consulting a doctor and as per their prescriptions. We do not recommend sharing medicines and will not be allowed on Sumrux

What are the precautions to be followed?

Please follow the precautions mentioned here 

When can I share my Covid care items?

You can share the items , If you are free of all  Covid  symptoms  and after infection,  have completed the quarantine period of 14 days or period recommended by your doctor . The items can be shared. Ensure the masks are unused and seal is not opened. All items should be cleaned with sanitizer before they are given and after they have been returned. If there is no immediate need after they are returned, it is recommended to leave them aside for at least 72 hrs. 

How to check verify items when renting or buying pre- loved items

Check the blog

Covid related


How to swap an item ? 

What if am short of points to swap?

If you are short of points for swapping try swapping with any of your products that the owner as mentioned. If you are still short you can purchase points from Sumrux and transfer to owner.  

As a owner what if I am ready to give the item to the requester but don't want points 

If you do not want points we can refund the equivalent amount. Just let us know after the transaction is complete and the item is picked up.


Events FAQ

Where and how can I register items? 

All Items you are putting up for Sale/Swap must be registered individually, Click a picture of the each item and upload them with few details in the form . To register them click here  

Can I drop off items without registering ?

Pre-registering items before dropping off will  help us avoid inconvenience caused to you and other members by avoiding  to wait in queue , while we register them for you. 

You can pre-register the items. as best  as you can before you drop off. We will be upraising them and editing the items details and correcting them for you. 

Why do I need to register items? 

Yes registering items is mandatory if you want to sell/Swap them. It helps us track your items so we can transfer the points to you. This will also help you sell or swap  the items online incase they are not sold at the event. 

How will I get amount for my items?