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Precautions For Covid -19

Covid-19 that has been ripping apart humanity, has in many ways changed way we do things.

As a responsible organization, Sumrux is sensitive that we play our part in breaking the chain and flattening the curve - the new covid vocabulary that has become part of our normal vocabulary. 


We are grateful to you for choosing to help community and  environment and support of sustainable living. We need you to be safe during this pandemic. 

By now you have probably evolved your own precautionary measures having managed the pandemic for over a year .. We want you to ensure you stay safe, so we have put together some tips and guidelines just in case you missed any points

Thank you for your understanding ! Hope to see you engage with our platform for more sustainable offerings in due course.

Please stay safe, as we help each other in these trying circumstances

If you are a seller

  • Please wrap the item in newspaper and leave it aside.

  • When the buyer makes contact and is ready to pick up, please ask the buyer to get his/her own bag to carry back the items

  • If you leave in an apartment complex, you may leave the item at the security – with instructions to call you when the buyer comes to the gate. You do not want anyone else taking the item

  • Please insist that the buyer wear a mask.  Please make sure you wear one too  a mask when you greet him/her.

  • Please make sure you maintain safe distance of atleast 6 feet.

  • You may leave a bottle of sanitizer at the gate before the buyer opens the gate and enters. The security at the apartment complex is probably doing this for all visitors.

  • If possible you can ask the buyer to hold the bag and drop the items into them. Wash/sanitize your hands in case you touch the bag. 

  • Please do not accept payment in currency notes, and ask for digital payment( like Google Pay or Paytm). The currency notes are touched by many when it comes to you, and a big source of transmission of Covid.

  • When the buyer leaves, you may bring back your bag and put directly for wash or may leave it aside for about 3 days to be safe from virus.

  • Please do not encourage the buyer into your house, however hospitable you are. We are now living in the times of Pandemic! Please remember at all times.

  • If you are offering water to drink, please handle the glass very carefully, as if virus germs are deposited on it. Please avoid offering for the safety of all!

  • If the item is being picked up by delivery service providers( like Dunzo) please make sure same instructions are followed, the payment is made to you digitally.

  • As General precaution, avoid touching nose, mouth, eyes without washing hands, wear double mask when stepping out


If you are a buyer

  • Please inform the seller, before going to their place to pick up the item.

  • If you are engaging an app based service provider (like Dunzo), please ask him/her to call the seller as they get closer to the place of pickup.

  • Please wear a mask or instruct anyone picking up to wear a mask.

  • Please carry a hand sanitizer,  and your own bag 

  • When you reach the place, please remember to sanitize your hands.

  •  If the seller comes to greet you, please remember to maintain safe distance of at least 6 feet.

  • Please request seller to drop the items into your bag , Hold your  bag open for the seller to drop the items.

  • If  the seller requests you to take the item from the bag left at the gate or just inside the premises. Please do so, and try to be mindful of surfaces that you touch. 

  • Please sanitize your hand,  pick up the item(s) and leave them in another bag that you are carrying with you.

  • Please carry your own water, so you avoid glass or bottles touched by the seller. Though the seller may be hospitable, please be sensitive to the fact that we are living through the times of pandemic.

  • Please make the payment to the seller in digital form(ex: Google Pay or Paytm) and avoid handing out currency notes. The currency notes are touched by many when it comes to you,  and by giving currency notes, the transmission chain continues..

  • When the items are picked up, please take precautions as though virus germs are deposited on it everywhere.

  • When you reach home, wipe the item(s) thoroughly with sanitizer.  Ensure all the surfaces of the item are  cleaned with the sanitizer. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap  

  • If possible leave the item aside them for at least 72 hours before use.

  • Please wash the bag used for carrying items.

  • As General precaution, avoid touching nose, mouth, eyes without washing hands, wear double mask when stepping out

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