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How it works

Ensuring an item lasts long , maintaining it and handling it with care, is a way of going sustainable.  We are all here to help each other lead or switch to a sustainable lifestyle. 

All the items listed on the website have been provided by the owners to help you  Go Green. 

 For Requesting item:

  • Browse through the items to find what you need. Filter the list based on your requirements. 

  • Place a request for the item 

  • The owner will be notified and when the owner approves the contact details will be shared. 

  • Connect with the owner directly and finalize the deal. 

  • Pick up the item

 How to list your item:

  • You are the owner of the item that you want to list for swapping/Hiring/Selling/Donating.

  • Take picture of your item and upload it to your "My Products" page.

  • Fill in the rest of the information as directed on the page.

  • You are responsible for changing the availability status of the item.

  • Please refer the Service fee below for more details


If you are: 




  • Exchange items if  you  have any that owner likes.

  • If there is a mismatch in the value of items being exchanged, compensate with points.

  • If you do not have a product owner likes, exchange the item for points.


Hiring (Renting)

  • Check the webpage for your desired hiring item.

  • Provide the details and send a request.

  • Owner's information will be provided to you to pick up, if Item is available.

  • If available, pay the deposit amount and the hiring amount  to the owner.

  • Pick up the item 

  • When the item is due, connect with the owner.

  • Owner will verify the item and return the deposit amount. 

  • Fee for any damages or delays in returning will be deducted from the deposit amount. 


  • Send a request for the item in the list.

  • You will receive an email from owner if the item is available.

  • Connect with the owner to finalize the deal and pick up the item.. 

  • Please refer the Service fee below for more details

Donating/Giving away 

  • List item for fee of Rs 0 . Upload a picture of the stuff you have with basic details 

  • There is no service fee for free items, please refer the section of Service Fee for benefits of for NGOs.


We help you save and earn, market your items/products, in addition process donations for free, and work on conservation activities and campaigns. These require some funds which we raise out of the small service fee. Whenever you Hire, Sell or Swap we take a small service fee


Service Fee

Service fee for Selling, Swapping and Hiring.

A small fee will be deducted from both the owner and requester. 

The cost to process donations are on us and you can earn points by donating items that members have requested for.

Notify Sumrux when the item that is listed as donation, when picked up, the points will be credited post verification.

The fee is based on the total price off the item/product


  1. The total amount is > 100 -  3% of the total price

  2. The total amount is <=100 - 1% of the total price


The points will be deducted from the requester when the request is placed. 

If the request is rejected by the owner, the points will be refunded. 


If the request is cancelled by the requester before it is approved. The points will be refunded

Once the request is approved the requester is no allowed to cancel. The owner has to update the status

If the request is cancelled by the owner post approval service charge of 1% will deducted from owner and requester, and the remaining points will be refunded to both.

Tree Hugger

Eco Spartan Club

How to become an Eco Spartan 

  • By Invitation

    •  You can become an eco spartan when an Eco spartan member invites you to join the club

  • Hired/Swapped 15 or more items,

    • You can put up items on Sumrux for hire/swapping, when any member requests the items, and you accept and complete the request , you get closer to becoming an Eco spartan  

    • Hire /Swap items put up by other members on Sumrux 

Privileges of being one

Being an Eco nut is in itself rewarding, but we would like to acknowledge your efforts of leading a sustainable life . 


Get access to the exclusive collection curated for econuts and also put up items in this collection.

  • This includes our exclusive

    • saree library of handlooms and opulent collection,

    • Book library of rare and expensive book collection,

    • tool library and more to be added to the growing list


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