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10 Easy Green resolutions that Save your Money

It is that time of year for resolutions. The New year.

First things first Wish you an al at home a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022.

Every year many of us make these grand resolutions that just fall through as they are too ambitious or we just realize later in the year that they are no longer of interest.

As Opera Winfrey says " Cheers to a New year and another chance for us to get it right"

Post the covid 1st and 2nd wave all of us have become conscious of what we spend an how we spend. This year try these 10 resolutions that you can keep up with. These benefit not only your finances, but also our Earth. So at the end of the year you can pat yourself for having saved not just money but environment too. If you feel all 10 is too much, just pick any 3 that to start with.

Create a savings plan

Plan for that special trip, for that PlayStation, for that vacation you have been wanting to take, or the hobby or self improvement course you have wanted to try.

Even if you only have a few rupees saved every week, setting them aside in a savings plan can benefit you in the long term. The good news is—and especially if math isn't your thing—saving doesn't have to be complicated. Apps like Savings Goal, Piggybank monitor your spending and you can set aside small amounts of money that you won't even notice are missing. Before you know it, you'll have saved enough for your goal and prevent unnecessary spending.

Try a spending freeze for a week , month.........

Stop all of your non-essential spending for a certain amount of time. Start with a week and work upwards to freeze unnecessary spending for month ,then 3 months and so on. I was able to stop unnecessary shopping for over 5 years and trust me it is not difficult to do.

If done correctly, experts say a spending freeze can even help pull you out of debt, according to CNBC

Don’t buy things you don’t need. It is a bad habit. And will quickly drain out your savings. You will end up with clutter, that you have to clean up later.

Those sales gimmicks Buy 1 get one, Buy 2 get 3, are designed to make you spend more, not save. Think about it. If one costs Rs 1999, then 2 costs Rs 3998. By not buying the second one that you don't need, you are saving Rs 2000 and the additional time you need to search for the other 2 which believe me is not easy to find. When you need only one, why spend more to buy 2 or 3 ?

And guys, those under 399, 299 deals are likely cheepos. Instead of these go for 1 durable quality stuff that lasts long. They may be a bit expensive but can turn out to be a good investment as you can swap it for another product when you get bored of it.

Switch to Reusables - Reduce single-use plastic

Plastic has become part of our daily lives, but it's not great for the environment. Thankfully, you can do without the disposables - your part to help reduce carbon emissions, Plastic pollution and curb (or at least slow down) global warming—it's as simple as using reusable bottles, bags, cutlery, and bowls.

Ditch those disposable single use plates, bottles, cups and spoons.

You can help someone ditch those, by lending your carrier boxes, plates, cups etc, that you have stashed away in your kitchen.

Ladies and girls ditch those disposable Sanitary pads and diapers, make the switch to the Reusable options - cloth pads, menstrual cups, cloth diapers and nappies. They not only benefit your health but also the environment and are a great way to save cash.

If you are having trouble deciding on cups and have questions and concerns, connect with Sustainable menstrual champions like Stonesoup to help you make the switch and recommend the right choices for your lifestyle

Check your bank accounts regularly

Speaking of money, it's good to get in the habit of checking your bank accounts and wallets like Paytm, Google pay etc., regularly. Start with checking at last twice a week. In addition to helping you stay on top of your spending and any deposits, it can also alert you to any fraudulent charges, which are always important to get ahead of.

Read more, scroll less - Read at least 2 physical books a month.

The more you read the better

We are in a world where new electronic devices are always being churned out, it can be easy to get swept up in the act of scrolling and staring at the screens. The problem is, the blue light that these devices emit can inhibit sleep and promote feelings of dread. To boost your sleep schedule and your mood, put down your electronics and reach for a book.

Studies have shown that reading physical book can help boost your retention power. The feel of paper pages under your fingertips provides your brain with some context, which can lead to a deeper understanding and better comprehension of the subject you’re reading about, Wired reports. So to reap the benefits of a good read, opt for the kind with physical pages (and maybe one of the best books out there).

Research suggests that reading can work as a serious stress-buster. One 2009 study by Sussex University researchers showed that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68 percent.

Further reading

Commit to a cleaning schedule.

As with doing your laundry regularly, cleaning regularly can help mitigate stress. There's something to be said about the effect a clean home has on a person's mind.

Have you looked at those pictures of fabulous sleek rooms in Home and furnishing Ads. If you notice there is very minimal stuff and mostly clean lines and flowing spaces. Well, it comes with regular clean up and clearing the clutter. Did you know having useless stuff at home can bring in Negative energy.

Let go of the items you never use, no point storing for later, unless you are redecorating your home very frequently.

This year bring in some green and fresh air into your home with plants. Like Snake plant, Aloe Vera, Palms, Spider plant etc. These are easy to maintain and are also known to clean the air inside your home.

Clean out your closet

You've likely heard that if you haven't worn an item in six months, you should remove it from your closet. That's not always the most accurate way to pare down your wardrobe though, as what you wear often depends on weather and events. With Covid, it is highly likely there are many dresses in your closet that haven’t been used for over a year. With that in mind, the best closet cleaning trick is to let go of all those that you would not buy if it were offered to you today.

So, often we hold onto things for the wrong reason and this method helps to really differentiate what's worth keeping.

If you have gained weight, don’t wait for the gym schedule to take effect. Exchange those that don’t fit you anymore for those that do. You can always do this again when you have lost weight and this time maybe try a different trend.

DIY something special. - Upcycling

The old table, chair, or shelf could use a facelift and a new lease of life this new year. A new opportunity to finally tackle that DIY project you've been putting off. Doing something creative can be relaxing, rewarding, and fun. More satisfying of seeing a good deed done by going sustainable , as you ended up saving the old stuff from ending up in a dump. This can turn out to be a saving too.

The first step to DIY is securing the tools to set yourself up for success! Lend Or Borrow the tools, you won’t have to buy the whole tool set that could cost more than new stuff itself. By Borrowing you can save on the tools you will be using only once or twice. By lending you will be recovering the money you spent in buying the tool and making a new friend in your community.

Take a Trek.

Spending time outside amidst the trees, the river or Ocean, is the best way to feel more grounded. Make a point of getting out more often and exploring terrains you may have once been hesitant to visit. You'll be surprised how transformative a hike can feel.

Consider “Forest bathing”. Studies have shown that Trees have a significant effect in reducing our stress and increasing our immunity. Dr Qing Li sites phytoncides (wood essential oils) as responsible for the relaxation effects experienced after visiting a forest. Phytoncides are volatile organic compounds; airborne chemicals that disperse in large numbers due to their high vapor pressure and low water solubility.

Donate your time.

Volunteer work is not only to help organizations continue their life-changing work, it can help you even more as it is personally rewarding and gratifying. Whether you choose to volunteer your time to an animal rescue, clean-up, plogging, Tree planting, organizing or planning events, you're unlikely to ever regret it.

Start by volunteering at least 2-4 hours a month. Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity. Not to mention the new friends you are going to make and get those great selfie pics for your FB and Insta posts. So, Jump in to help out your local NGOs or community projects.

So these were the 10 we picked for you, there may be more you could consider. Whatever you choose to start with, keep going and improving on it. It is ok if there is a slack one week or month, you can make up the next week or month. But, do not stop and give up.

We would love to hear your pick on these resolutions and how they worked for you. Share your experiences and learnings with us. Or any questions and concerns for Decluttering, Lending/Borrowing, Donating, Selling/Buying or Swapping

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities do get in touch, we have lot of interesting opportunities for you, you can pick what you would like to do.

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