When Professionals Have to Lead

When Professionals Have to Lead: A New Model for High Performance -

Author: Thomas J. Delong, John J. Gabarro and Rober J. Lees

Topic . Self Improvement

Brief:  For too long, professional services firms have relied on the producer-manager model, which works well in uncomplicated business environments. However, today s managing directors must balance often conflicting roles, more demanding clients, tougher competitors, and associates with higher expectations of partners at all levels. When Professionals Have to Lead presents an overarching framework better suited to such complexity. It identifies the four critical activities for effective PSF leadership: setting strategic direction, securing commitment to this direction, facilitating execution, and setting a personal example. Through examples from consulting practices, accounting firms, investment banks, and other professional service organizations, industry veterans DeLong, Gabarro, and Lees show how this model works to Align your firm's culture and key components.

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