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We are into finding sustainable solutions for you. To help with current situation of covid-19 recovery we are now all into getting you books for the academic year

We will have more campaigns coming soon. 

Back to Studies

Our campaign to get you text books the sustainable way

A FREE service by SUMRUX for all parents and students  

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Sumrux originates from sanskrit word "Samraksathi" which translates as "Conservation"

This is what we are working on, and  we aspire to achieve this with your help. As, we will work together on the path towards conservation 

Where is all your stuff coming from .......Find out and take a plegde today. 

Happy World Nature Conservation day 


Our back to studies campaign will be back as the schools resume for the next academic year. 

Do check back around March 2021

Share details of the books with us we will take care of the search

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This service is the true green solution. Why? Because, recyclying is not always eco friendly. Here is a video by Domtar a paper manufacturing and recycling company. 

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